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Here Are A Few Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ’s, Answered.

Yes! Your work will be saved in Electric Ease for 30 days after your free trial has ended. If you choose not to become a member at the end of your trial but need access to your estimate at a later date, simply reach out and we will grant temporary access to your account.

Our members who see the most success are those who sign up for a full year. For that reason we no longer offer monthly memberships.

However, we understand that some members are waiting for a job to pay or waiting for that retention check to arrive. So, we now offer 6 month financing for those needing a little assistance getting started. ***No pre-approval required***

Assemblies are a collection of materials and labor that make up one unit and they are designed to make estimating faster.

For example, an MC cable receptacle assembly contains the box, plaster ring, ground pigtail, wire nuts, MC cable, MC connector, MC straps, screws, receptacle, cover etc. 

Electric Ease comes preloaded with thousands of prebuilt assemblies and our artificial intelligence makes choosing assemblies fast and easy. You can also build your own custom assemblies to suit your needs.

A labor-unit represents the estimated amount of labor required to install an item or assembly.

Each material item and assembly in our database contains labor units. We’ve also made labor units easy to adjust based on your needs, jobsite conditions and crew. 

We source labor units from Craftsman Book and further test labor units by working with and talking to our members.

Check out the link below to learn more about labor units.,install%20that%20number%20of%20units.

Labor factors are conditions that affect labor productivity. For example installing conduit in a straight run down the hallway of an unfinished building is much less complicated than installing conduit in an area with a drop ceiling, confined space or poor jobsite conditions. 

Electric Ease makes it easy to adjust labor factor by allowing users to adjust labor factor individually or by the entire job. 

Learn more about labor factor here

Labor burden is the direct cost associated with an employee that is above and beyond their hourly pay. 

Examples of employee burden are: SUTA, FUTA, work comp, employer paid cell phone, vacation pay, holiday pay and other paid benefits.

You can enter your labor burden percentage in the summary section of Electric Ease!

Check out the link below to see one way of calculating your labor burden.

Overhead refers to expenses associated with running your business that can’t be linked to a product or service. Overhead includes both direct costs applied to a specific job as well as indirect costs which include operational costs required to run the business. 

Examples of overhead are: rent, internet, utility and software. You can enter your overhead percentage in the summary section of Electric Ease.

Check out the link below to see one way of calculating your overhead.,What%20is%20overhead%20in%20construction%3F,required%20to%20run%20a%20business.

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Cloud based since 2008

Outdated electrical estimating software and manual estimating can slow you down and cause frustration. Many software solutions are just now updating to cloud technology. Electric Ease has been cloud based since 2008 with our focus always on the future.

Get More Work Done In Less Time

Electrical contractors and estimators alike can get more done in less time with fewer mistakes. Whether you’re a one-person business or you oversee a growing team of estimators, Electric Ease helps you scale effortlessly and painlessly. 

Electric Ease helps you work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.
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Electric Ease is a comprehensive, flexible, and easy to use electrical estimating and bid management tool that helps electricians bid faster and more accurately.

“Works with all sizes of jobs!”

Member Year 2018

I have been using Electric Ease for a while now and I couldn’t ask for a better software for bidding electrical project. Works with small, medium and large projects! Electric Ease is easy to use and provides lots of training videos. I will and have recommend this to anyone.

– Eric B.

“The name says it all.”

Member Year 2017

The ease of this product is hands down the best I’ve used. Its easy to navigate and easy to adjust to your market so your bids are competitive every time. They are always coming out with new stuff to save me time and money.

– Josh F.

“It’s already paid for itself.”

Member Year 2019

This software has already paid for itself by saving our team time by streamlining our estimating, purchase ordering and time sheets. The best part of switching to Electric Ease is how quickly we got up to speed with the software. We were bidding projects the same day as we installed Electric Ease.

– Kyle S.

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