"Electric Ease is a badass, simple-to-use software for Electricians."

- Matt Wilcox, COO

Meet The Electric Ease Team

"Electric Ease is the only software company that's got your back."

-Anthony Chiovaro, CGO

Kevin Buckalew

President & CEO

Matt Wilcox

Chief Operating Officer

Anthony Chiovaro

Chief Growth Officer

Jake Biwer

Project Manager

"We set out to change the industry and we're off to a good start. But we have a lot of work ahead of us and we won't stop."

- Kevin Buckalew, CEO

Our Core Values

Be Authentic

We bring our truest & best selves to work every day.

Lead Through Service

We enable and empower our teams and remove roadblocks to success.

Forge A New Path

We innovate by following our vision, curiosity, and creativity.

Take Ownership

We’re dependable and follow through on our promises.

Raise The Bar

We constantly improve ourselves and our company.

Operate With Transparency

We innovate by following our vision, curiosity, and creativity.

Be Prepared

We strategize and exceed expectations to create successful members.

Rise To The Challenge

We deliver results by being agile and bold.

Leave A Legacy

We leave things better than we found them.

We are dedicated to forging a path for contractors that leads to great success through cutting-edge technology, thought leadership, and unwavering servanthood.

"Electric Ease is the future."

- Jake Biwer, PM

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