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Estimate faster and more accurately with Electric Ease. The most comprehensive and easy-to-use electrical estimating software is built for contractors of all sizes and skill levels.

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Quickly and accurately estimate projects and send professional-looking bids.


Automate your processes with prebuilt bid templates and bid duplication.


Modern and intuitive design makes navigating our software easy.


Get off to a fast and successful start with our JumpStart program.


Easily create, send, and track change orders and alternates.


Support and training are always included at no additional cost.


Real-time material price updates are fed directly into Electric Ease.


Speed up takeoffs with prebuilt assemblies and favorites lists.

Using estimating software shouldn’t suck.

With Electric Ease there’s...

1. No Bullshit

You’ll never be required to download a new version, update your systems or pay for new features. We handle all updates on our end and new features are always included.

2. No Hassle

Our trial gives you full access to our software and training videos with no obligations or limitations.

3. No Headache

By the end of your trial, you will be able to confidently use our software to bid a job.

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