Employee Scheduling

Full-Featured Electrical Estimating Software & Job Management System

100% Web-Based System - No Software Downloads or Installation Required


Electric Ease not only estimates work and tracks job costs, it also helps electrical contractors schedule and track labor! One of the biggest costs to a company is wasted labor. That's why we've added an interactive job calendar that your entire company can access, which cuts down on wasted windshield time and extra trips to the supply house.

**Check out our blog "The Supply House Vortex" to see an example of how a few wasted hours can cost your company thousands of dollars a year.

The Electric Ease Electrical Estimating Software & Complete Job Management System was designed by a life-long master electrician that became frustrated with the lack of an end-to-end solution to his bidding and job management headaches.

Our vision is to break the conventional boundaries of how electrical estimating software functions and is utilized by bringing new cutting edge ideas to the system at a cost that is affordable and sustainable to the user.

The ultimate goal of our program is to help owners and managers with all aspects of job estimation and management as well as to help them compete more effectively & win more work.  Oh, and also to do it with more free time!