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Features of the Electric Ease Platform

Full-Featured Electrical Estimating Software

100% Web-Based System - No Software Downloads or Installation Required



Create detailed jobs quickly, attach documents and photos, and instantly load into live workflow.

Live job description reports are automatically created when an estimate is created featuring client and job info as well as estimate ID's and custom job numbers.

Employees can access these reports through the portal or through our electric ease apple and android app.

Employees receive the same job description as the customer minus the price and terms this eliminates onsite confusion and dependencies.

Job description reports show electricians the parts and quantities estimated into the project as well as time allotted this allows the electrician to order parts ahead of time eliminating trips to the supply house and over ordering.

Photos, prints and other attachments can be loaded during the estimation process and accessed through the job description reports.



1-Click email estimates to clients and quickly build with three separate types of calculations. We feature three distinct variations of estimation calculation.

Option 1 - Heaviest labor rates and highest markup rates pulled from pre-built assemblies, parts and labor.

Option 2 - Gives you actual cost of labor, parts, assemblies, vendor quotes, direct job expenses then allows you to individually mark up and tax them.

Option 3 - Allows you to simply enter a price based on however you want to price the job.

1-Click email professional estimates to clients with your template without having to create in Word or Excel every single time.



Detailed reporting for clients and techs.

Live client description reports are automatically created when an estimate is created.

Clean and professional estimate reports featuring client and job info, contract and payment terms, total price and tax.

Reports are emailed directly from our system.



PARTS - Quickly create assemblies, add parts & custom create labor categories. Access a pre-loaded parts data base, upload your own database from an excel file or custom build your own database. Easily change parts cost and resale.

ASSEMBLIES - Quickly and easily build your own assemblies database. Easily explode assemblies live during an estimate to see what parts are include. If more parts are needed for the assembly for this specific job you can add parts live during the estimate without affecting the assembly in the database. Change pricing within the assembly live during the estimate without affecting the assembly in the database.

LABOR - Easily add laborers, burden, photo and description. Change live during estimation.



Live job calendar & reports for field techs. Employees can download the EE app on any Apple or Android device.

Grant individual employees direct access to the live job calendar and live job description reports.



Manage workforce & jobsite phasing. Schedule employees with our integrated live calendar.

Once an estimate is accepted, you can easily schedule your electricians within the estimate. Each employee's job tasking is color coded on our live calendar.

Electricians simply click on their name or job and it takes them directly to the job description report.

Since the calendar is live, your job scheduler can easily add jobs and service calls at any time. Electricians can click on the calendar and see exactly what they are doing and where they are going.

With complete job reports being tied to the calendar, electricians can order material days ahead of time, saving multiple trips to the supply house.



Manage project costs in real-time & drive your profitability.

As jobs are being completed you can enter live hours and material so you can see exactly how your job is running.

You see where your job has run over and under budget, and where you need to bill for additional items added.

The total job cost is updated live and in real-time, changing as you change it, showing you exactly how you are doing.


Build categories of your different scopes of work so that you can quickly and easily build your scope without retyping the same thing every time. This is great for repetitive jobs or verbiage that is frequently used.


As you enter scope verbiage, it is automatically saved in the "From Job Details" section. You can click to preview the scope and easily add by clicking again. This is great for saving you time on repetitive or similar types of jobs.