Residential Electrical Estimating Software

Are you a residential electrical contractor looking to better your profits, manage more efficiently, provide more accurate estimates and offer clean professional scope letters?  Have you searched the internet aimlessly and downloaded every “free” trial version of estimating software that exists only to find the software is geared towards large commercial type projects?  Are you using homemade versions of excel spreadsheets and word documents to track your jobs and send scope letters that you have to change every time you write a new job?  Lastly, are you specializing in residential remodel work and realizing there is nothing on the market to help you bid accurately?  Well…There’s help..

Our electrical estimating software has been designed with every facet of the electrical industry in mind, especially the residential and remodeling contractors.  Our company’s founder and inventor of the Electric Ease platform has been a Class A Master Electrician, Senior Estimator, Sales Director and formally an Electrical Contractor for over 14 years.  He experienced all of the growing pains of being a small business owner struggling to make a profit while growing his business, the cumbersome movements to take a job from a plan to an estimate to a scope to the field and the headaches of selling a job one way only to have it installed another then taking the full brunt of an angry customer.  The Electric Ease system created was designed with the “little guy” in mind to help them grow and be more profitable but the biggest drive was to design a system that will help small business owners have less headaches and more free time!

The Electric Ease platform helps manage all Electrical Contractors from service, residential remodel, residential new construction and commercial.  Quickly write scope letters, use pre-built assemblies or create your own custom assemblies, up load your favorite vendor’s parts list with your actual pricing, schedule work with our live and interactive job calendar, tie to workers in the field with our mobile app, quickly provide scope letters with built in SPEEDTM features so you’re not up all night typing and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!