Why Choose Electric Ease Estimating Software?

Full-Featured Electrical Estimating Software & Complete Job Management System

100% Web-Based System - No Software Downloads or Installation Required

Owning and operating an electrical contracting business comes with great positives that can lead to amazing benefits for both the owner and its employees. The road to achieving positive rewards is riddled with bumps that steer companies away from their direct objective and down roads they did not expect to travel.

Bumps like non-paying customers, employees that do not live up to prospect, mechanical breakdowns and work that falls through are examples of issues that owners cannot control. Bumps like estimating, estimate management, document management, job cost overruns, employee time tracking, wasted trips to supply houses, material overruns as well as your customers and employees not being in tune with your estimate are all examples of issues that can be controlled. To own a successful electrical contracting company and to keep customers and employees happy, owners must focus on what they can control so when the uncontrollable happens they are in position to steer their company back on the road to success.

So, what system or systems do you turn to? How much do these systems cost? How much time will they take to implement? How difficult are these systems to learn and manage? Which system is right for your company? These are the same questions that inspired the creation of the Electric Ease electrical estimating software and complete job management system.

In 2008, one small electrical contractor, tired of controllable issues hindering their business, set out to build one system that would manage several issues their company was facing. After creating and using their own electrical estimating software and job management system, this small electrical contractor realized they could help hundreds of other electrical contractors facing the same issues. In 2009, Triforce Management Company was founded and Electric Ease was born. Redesigned and more powerful, this web based electrical estimating software and management system was released for the whole country to enjoy.

Since 2009, Electric Ease has continued to grow. Listening to our customers, we are constantly adding features and increasing the functionality that makes Electric Ease the top choice for electrical contractors of all sizes. Electric Ease goes to work for you so you can watch job profitability soar, increase your free time and let your business work for you.

We believe that Electric Ease is the right choice for your electrical company. Let us be your partner. We are ready to go to work with you.

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The Electric Ease Electrical Estimating Software & Complete Job Management System was designed by a life-long master electrician that became frustrated with the lack of an end-to-end solution to his bidding and job management headaches.

Our vision is to break the conventional boundaries of how electrical estimating software functions and is utilized by bringing new cutting edge ideas to the system at a cost that is affordable and sustainable to the user.

The ultimate goal of our program is to help owners and managers with all aspects of job estimation and management as well as to help them compete more effectively & win more work.  Oh, and also to do it with more free time!